#BetterCallPaul Script

Congress has not passed Internet child safety legislation since 1998. 26 years ago kids were not killing themselves because of social media, now they are. We have to update our laws to protect kids. 

The Kids online safety act is a piece of legislation that would actually create protection for kids using social media platforms. There is only ONE senator standing in the way. Senator Rand Paul.

Call Senator Rand Paul’s office today and ask him to stop blocking KOSA. 

I called Rand Paul for my (younger sibling or loved one). Who do you want to protect by calling Rand Paul?

Caption: I invite @yourfriend, @yourfriend, and @yourfriend to join #bettercallpaul. 

Here’s how: 

  • Call Rand Paul’s office at 202-224-4343 
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  • Create a post like mine using the #bettercallpaul script at this link: https://thereconnectmovement.com/pages/bettercallpaul